The Dragon of Wantley His Tale

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This was a matter of very Owen Wister was an American writer whose stories helped to establish the cowboy as an archetypical hero. Wister helped to create the basic Western myths and themes, which were later popularized by radio, television, and movies. Owen Wister is remembered today almost solely as the author of The Virginian, yet his short stories, dating from the turn of the century, gave us our first real knowledge of the West's "wide, wild farm and ranch community, spotted with remote towns, and veined with infrequent railroads.

With a new introduction by Robert B.

Parker He is the Virginian-the first fully realized cowboy hero in American literature, a near-mythic figure whose idealized image has profoundly influenced our national consciousness. This enduring work of fiction marks the birth of a legend that lives with us still.

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The Dragon of Wantley: His Tale by Owen Wister

The Dragon of Wantley: Excellent rating of 4. Books were merry, goodness knows! When Betsinda held the Rose. Who but foggy drudglings doze While Rob Gilpin toasts thy witches, While the Ghost waylays thy breeches,. Such tales as those Exorcised our peevish woes When Betsinda held the Rose. Realism, thou specious pose! Haply it is good we met thee; But, passed by, well scarce regret thee; For we love the light that glows Where Queen Fancy's pageant goes, And Betsinda holds the Rose.

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The Dragon Of Wantley, His Rise, His Voracity And His Downfall: A Romance by Owen Wister

While there are lessons to learn from the tale I personally found it highly amusing and refreshing in its conclusion. This is not a good triumphs over evil kind of story. Jun 22, Sarah Hogman rated it liked it. An entertaining book, reminds me a lot of Edith Nesbit; satirical, with enough clever dialogue to keep adults entertained, but still silly enough to be accessible to children. Aug 16, Marty Reeder rated it really liked it Shelves: You can blame the Kindle for this. Were it not for this lovely contrivance, there is no way I would spend the money buying an out-of-print title from a sham, cheap publishing company, and rarely would I go through the inconvenience of printing off a version of that title to read in the awkward 8 X 11 papers of my printer.

I now have a very unique and otherwise unavailable fairy tale written by the superb author, Wister, at my very beck and call. One would not think fairy tales to be the refuge of an author whose classic work is as American as filibusters and manifest destiny … especially since medieval-based fairy tales are deeply and thoroughly European at their core.

Yet this, so it seems, is precisely Mr. He takes something that is so sacredly European and completely Americanizes it. His fairy tale is irreverent, deviates substantially from formula, fosters a dominate female protagonist who is not your typical subjected heroine, with a matter-of-fact, casual narrator, and a magical premise siphoned away by individual vitality.

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What is the result? All of the fun that the setting of a fairy tale can provide, yet none of the stifling formality and monochromatic feel of a traditional, medieval fairy tale. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the fascinating background of the Dragon of Wantley, the bumbling Lord of Wantley under a gentle system of mocking aristocracy that P.

Wodehouse will base a career off of , the clever daughter Elaine, the passionate but basically useless knight, and the frank, personable narrator. Sep 13, Jane rated it liked it. I adore the English pantomime tradition - you know, those silly Christmas plays for children that star everyone from the Widow Twankay to Tinkerbell and Captain Hook?

Of course the grandaddy of them all is Thackeray's Rose and the Ring, one of the great Victorian children's books. Here, Owen Wister has a crack at it, and he does a first-rate job. And then that fabulous, fire-belching dragon! Mar 15, Theresa rated it liked it Shelves: In the town there is a dragon menacing them and eating their cattle. Then he takes the baron's wine. Hell have no fury like a baron whose wine has been pilfered.

Also there is a curse and it seems only the baron's daughter meeting the dragon alone will break it. Well the baron was having none of that so he offers his daughter's hand in marriage to the man who brought him the dragon dead or alive. Nothing is as it seems and hilarity ensues. All's well that ends well I suppose. Jul 18, Jonathan rated it liked it Shelves: After reading The Virginian, I was excited to look at other of Wister's works.

The Dragon of Wantly wasn't near the caliber of The Virginian, but it was an entertaining story. If you have to choose between those two, go with The Virginian. If you have time for both or just want a light read, The Dragon of Wantly is worth a look. I'll likely read other of Wister's works, and The Virginian has also been calling out to me for a reread. Aug 08, J. Clever and funny, as only a classic can be. I'd've been happier if the bad guys had gotten their just desserts, but the ending was still hopeful.

Jul 16, Tabitha Ormiston-Smith rated it it was amazing. This could well be the best children's book I've ever read.

Suitable for all ages, and with some of the delicate irony of Beatrix Potter, it's a wonderful story and a thundering good read. I got it free at www. Oct 30, Sanjeev rated it liked it.

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But, no, author choose a comic tone, he mocked them. Mocked the misplaced priorities of kings, wickedness of preists, dumbness of knights etc etc Whatever the tone, the message is well received. Just started reading my very first ever Kindle book. Tabitha Ormiston-Smith rated it it was amazing Jul 30, Cheree50 rated it it was ok Feb 28, Jonathan rated it really liked it Feb 16, Lanelle rated it really liked it Sep 26, Alex Tray rated it liked it Feb 28, Shannon rated it liked it Aug 09, Connie rated it liked it Apr 04, Nathan rated it did not like it Jan 25, Megan Davis rated it really liked it May 27, Anne rated it it was amazing Jan 22,

The Dragon of Wantley His Tale The Dragon of Wantley His Tale
The Dragon of Wantley His Tale The Dragon of Wantley His Tale
The Dragon of Wantley His Tale The Dragon of Wantley His Tale
The Dragon of Wantley His Tale The Dragon of Wantley His Tale
The Dragon of Wantley His Tale The Dragon of Wantley His Tale
The Dragon of Wantley His Tale The Dragon of Wantley His Tale

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