Sugar and Spice (Diary Series)

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I wish i could read it again over and over and over and over! As Mia walks into the form room she sees a girl who is wearing a super trendy outfit Mia tells her to sit by her she introduces herself as Olivia. She sits with the cupcake club for lunch but keeps on glancing at the BFC. After a couple of days Olivia informs Mia that there isn't a locker availab Emma, Smile and Say "Cupcake!

I loved this book so so so so so so much!!!!!!!! It is a great realistic fiction story!!! It is about a girl who becomes a model with a snap. I think the message in this story is ''Do whatever you want''. I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alexis has true friends in the Cupcake Club—which is a good thing, because everyone else is calli Be first to review book.

I really want to know more about Katie, the baking whiz and all the recipes that she thinks of and follows.

Thoughts and Tales of an American Girl Who Lived and Married in Germany

I read a lot of the cupcake club books over the summer, and put this one on hold. Can't wait to read it! I read this book and It is about a girl named Mia that gets glasses and braces and makes cupcakes for a living!! Emma puts her big sister skills—and her bravery—to the test when her brother has to stay in the h Alexis thinks the Cupcake Club feels incomplete—until she discovers that friendship comes in many They should make a wolfblood book.

Maddy rhydian Tom Shannon and Jana could be in it. The series 2 already came out in the uk.

Sugar and Spice by Jean Ure

They are already making a series three! I've only read about 3 books out of this series,but I think it's a really cute,fun,interesting series. In the books I noticed each book has one of the girls from the club as a main character. This one was mainly about Emma who models. She meets as famous person while modeling and the girls in the cl Highly recommend this book. You should buy book 1 and continue reading it in a sequence. That way you'll understand what's going on much much better than you would if you were to buy a random book from the series.

Love this book so much. Hoping that one cover of the book will be of Matt and Alex When Katie brings her maybe-someday stepsister to Cupcake Club, she gets her first taste of sibli And when she tries Emma loses an important modeling job due to an injury she got while playing with her brothers. I'm glad Matt likes Alexis after all. Jake was a little rude to take Alexis's cupcake for Matt and Matt's candy for Alexis.

But everything turned out OK! This is a great book! You should read all of them! They are so descriptive and interesting! Katie and her friends have to keep important secrets. Let me introduce you to Landon Thomas.

Previously known as Baby B or Beta. Weighing in at 5lbs 9oz and Afterwards, we got to hang out in a recovery room where I got sick from all the meds yay and grandma and grandpa got to hold their new grand babies for the first time. And Toblerone was just attached to them both and so in love. I however was sicker than sick so I could care less what was happening around me!

Or maybe that was the drugs? We got to ring the lullabye announcement twice which was pretty special. Once in our room where we would stay to recover from the hectic morning it became more insane! Our room was like an afternoon on Wall Street. Everyone talking, no room to move! This particular hospital is baby friendly which means no nursery and babies sleep in the room with you. They are now 11 weeks old! I am officially a twin mom.

The fun continued from one party to the next! It worked out perfectly and I got SO many presents once again! Harley even wore his fancy new collar which he got as a present from the first baby shower Thanks Aunt Addie and Uncle John!

Sugar and Spice

He was lovin hanging out with all the ladies! Granted I am now the size of a beached whale but my hostesses kept it organized and not too long which was great for me! I have zero energy these days and immediately had to nap after the party was over. I loved showing Toblerone all the new things we got and the adorable outfits people gave us. Can you get any cuter! Nothing cuter than kids speaking in German! Only 8 more days until their arrival! It may take me some time to get back here to write again but lo and behold…I will be back!

I have to say that had we become pregnant in Germany, I would not have the pleasure of experiencing a real deal Baby Shower of my own. Its considered bad luck! A while ago I threw a party in Germany for a friend who was expecting. Giving her the whole experience of an American Baby Shower! Go check it out if you missed it!

Similar authors to follow

So, I was just ecstatic that the people I love were willing to throw me my own special party for these two little nuggets. The drive was atrocious…9 hours in a car with thigh high compression socks is not particularly the most comfortable way to go! But we arrived and were just so excited to be back with family!

People came from all over and even from out of state to visit us! My brother and his clan came from West Virginia and my Aunt and Uncle and cousin came from Pennsylvania! We decided to have this as a Jack and Jill party as well so we could see all of our friends and family at one time. People brought diapers for a diaper raffle and gifts as well.

It was just so amazing to be around family and to show them the belly we waited so long to have! We got so many amazing gifts and of course Toblerone was out of this world excited when he got his very own gift for the boys! Thank you to all our friends and family who came and gave us gifts for these boys. We are just so grateful! Having twins is certainly not cheap!!!

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Time got away from me since I last wrote. I announced to the world we are having twins and then life just started to fly by! I am now 33 weeks along and I look gigantic.

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It was a rough flight though. I was only about 13 weeks or so at that point but I was SO uncomfortable and the nausea…oh man. There is really something to be said about the healing powers of the ocean. Who knows when we will be able to do that again! As soon as we got back to Michigan, I was sick again. I wish I could have bottled up the ocean and brought it home with me. It will be our first time not going in over 7 years.

Sugar and Spice (Diary Series) Sugar and Spice (Diary Series)
Sugar and Spice (Diary Series) Sugar and Spice (Diary Series)
Sugar and Spice (Diary Series) Sugar and Spice (Diary Series)
Sugar and Spice (Diary Series) Sugar and Spice (Diary Series)
Sugar and Spice (Diary Series) Sugar and Spice (Diary Series)
Sugar and Spice (Diary Series) Sugar and Spice (Diary Series)
Sugar and Spice (Diary Series) Sugar and Spice (Diary Series)
Sugar and Spice (Diary Series) Sugar and Spice (Diary Series)

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