Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5)

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The Eleanor: Eleanor Jo : The Farmer's Daughter Bk. 5 by Eleanor Clark (2007, Hardcover)

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Eleanor is scared, but as people in the community work together, rationing food and cutting back so they can send money overseas, Eleanor starts to think Review by Jill Williamson Eleanor Jo loves life on the farm. Eleanor is scared, but as people in the community work together, rationing food and cutting back so they can send money overseas, Eleanor starts to think of ways she can help. She helps Mama work in the Victory garden, organizes her friends to write letters to soldiers and pray for them, and starts the Victory Club to raise funds.

Through all this Eleanor learns that hard work can be fun and helpful to others. This was a sweet story about a girl who knew the meaning of the word sacrifice.

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She gave up her time and poured her heart and prayers into the things she did during the World War II war effort. I found her character endearing and fun. I recommend this book for girls who want to read a fun, historical story. It was a great read. Miriam Gowan rated it liked it Jan 27, Kimberly rated it it was ok Jun 24, Olivia rated it really liked it May 10, Annie Mckinley rated it it was amazing Nov 18, Eleanor Clark rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Ashley Barrett marked it as to-read Nov 26, Gerald 1 episode, Andy 1 episode, Alexandra 1 episode, Senator Richards 1 episode, Congressman McDermott 1 episode, Elizabeth Chase 1 episode, Susan Carson 1 episode, Diane 1 episode, Arthur Hollister 1 episode, Campaign Manager 1 episode, Luis Cordova 1 episode, Charlie Henderson 1 episode, Commentator 1 episode, Schuyler 1 episode, Browser 1 episode, Girl 3 1 episode, Corrine 1 episode, Justice of the Peace 1 episode, Carter 1 episode, Carlson 1 episode, Jeff 1 episode, Mills 1 episode, Bruce Hackett 1 episode, Alan Page 1 episode, Rexford Chapman 1 episode, Eve 1 episode, Emily Gustafson 1 episode, Carol 1 episode, Fyodor 1 episode, Alythia 1 episode, Judy Knapp 1 episode, Desk Sergeant 1 episode, Hank 1 episode, Penny 1 episode, Margaret Selden 1 episode, Ambassador Bati 1 episode, Lieutenant Tenner 1 episode, Mahid 1 episode, Max 1 episode, Girl 1 episode, Ambassador 1 episode, Watson 1 episode, Rex 1 episode, Gloria Hastings 1 episode, Kelly 1 episode, Doctor 1 episode, Congressman Lazzari 1 episode, Josh 1 episode, Reporter 1 episode, Walter 1 episode, Little Girl 1 episode, Senator Layton 1 episode, Hilmer 1 episode, Pretty Girl 1 1 episode, Gabe 1 episode, Buchanan 1 episode, Clerk 1 episode, Harrison Charles 1 episode, Hilda Bjorn 1 episode, Contessa 1 episode, Page 1 episode, Mullins 1 episode, Detective 1 1 episode, Drummer 1 episode, Beany 1 episode, Alfie 1 episode, Fatima 1 episode, Saleslady 1 episode, Major Stark 1 episode, Boy 1 episode, Dorothy Hubbard 1 episode, Assistant 1 episode, Fan Lucas 1 episode, Ali 1 episode, Auntie 1 episode, Jeremiah Gibbs 1 episode, Prefect of Police 1 episode, Tomaz 1 episode, Jenny 1 episode, Doris Larsen 1 episode, Clergyman 1 episode, Teacher 1 episode, Waiter 1 episode, Secretary 1 episode, Butler 1 episode, Gina Abbondanza 1 episode, Molly Golden 1 episode, Instructor 1 episode, Paul Layton 1 episode, Taxi Driver 1 episode, Comrade Petrova 1 episode, News Vendor 1 episode, Kalish 1 episode, Sonny 1 episode, Miss Graves 1 episode, Chief Justice 1 episode, Nichols 1 episode, Detective 2 1 episode, Minister 1 episode, Engstrom 1 episode, John Pilgrim 1 episode, Tammy 1 episode, Roland 1 episode, Manicurist 1 episode, Emmett Kraft 1 episode, Unis Vack 1 episode, General Todd 1 episode, Charlie 1 episode, Announcer 1 1 episode, Olaf Bjornsen 1 episode, Senator 1 episode, Sylvia 1 episode, Boyer 1 episode, Monica 1 episode, DeRochambeau 1 episode, Emily 1 episode, Lydia Adams 1 episode, Miguel 1 episode, Margaret Brubaker 1 episode, Maria Cortez 1 episode, Willingham 1 episode, Sultan 1 episode, Jimmy 1 episode, Telephone Installer 1 episode, Pretty Girl 1 episode, Wolfgang 1 episode, Ted 1 episode, Swen Holstrum 1 episode, Peter Scout 2 1 episode, Marie 1 episode, Linda 1 episode, Stevens 1 episode, Man 1 episode, Scalper 1 episode, Ken Borden 1 episode, Weston 1 episode, Lowell 1 episode, Leading Man 1 episode, Woman 1 1 episode, George Smith 1 episode, Joel Knapp 1 episode, Emcee 1 episode, Julia 1 episode, Aide 1 episode, Guide 1 episode, Clancy Tilson 1 episode, Mark Willard 1 episode, Pedro Perez 1 episode, George Chase 1 episode, Betty Ames 1 episode, Blonde 1 episode, Senator Mason 1 episode, Geraldine Addison 1 episode, Woman 2 1 episode, Bellboy 1 episode, Van Driver 1 episode, Messenger 1 episode, Model 2 1 episode, Oscar Hummingbird 1 episode, Miss Hargrove 1 episode, Pamela 1 episode, Niels Holstrum 1 episode, Scout 3 1 episode, Interviewer 1 episode, Photographer 1 episode, Old Ranger 1 episode,

Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5) Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5)
Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5) Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5)
Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5) Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5)
Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5) Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5)
Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5) Eleanor Jo, The Farmers Daughter (The Eleanor Series Book 5)

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